Why You Should Do A Dollar Free Day Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram (@thestingybitchblog), you might have seen on my story last week that I asked a bunch of my mates to join me for a hilariously good time by forcing them to participate in what I like to call a #dollarfreeday challenge. Ok, calling it a ‘good’ time is definitely a stretch, but I’m sure my friends’ bank accounts are going to thank me for it one day.

The #dollarfreeday started off pretty well…

If there is one thing that can motivate anyone to save money, it is a little healthy competition. Maybe you’ve got a bunch of mates that are also as broke as you and want to start saving their dosh. Maybe you and your roomies are super competitive and just need a new competition to decide who has to clean the bathroom this week. Or maybe you’ve just been isolated at home with Coronavirus and have nothing to spend your money on anyway.  Whatever your reason, this #dollarfreeday challenge is a hell of a way to see your savings grow.

There is only one rule for this challenge and (in theory) it is incredibly simple to follow:



Things started to get a bit harder when coffee was involved…

You’d be surprised at the huge impact that just a couple of dollar-free days a fortnight can have on your savings account. I’m sure you are probably re-thinking your decision to read this blog now because you’re  sure that I’ve got to be crazy for thinking that it is even possible to not pull out your bank card for a whole day. Well, it is, I assure you. You need to make sure that you’ve got enough food in the fridge to not starve yourself to death, enough petrol in your car to drive your sorry ass to work in the morning and enough coffee at home to ensure that you don’t have severe caffeine withdrawals.

Obviously, don’t choose to have your dollar-free day when your parents are visiting from out of town so that you can squirm your way out of paying for lunch, and don’t choose a day when you’ve planned a Bumble date so that your date is going to have to pick up the bill for the four espresso martinis you’ve just downed. Instead, choose a day where no one is going to notice just how much of a stingy bitch you secretly are. Choose a day where your only plans are heading into the office for eight hours and then coming home to binge watch the new season of Shameless.

Everyone had to get a little resourceful…

Once you’ve successfully dedicated a specific dollar-free day, make sure that you and your broke mates decide on a reward for those of you who can actually commit to the challenge. If you’re convinced that one of your friends is too dependent on the tap and go to survive a whole day without it, then perhaps you should instill some fear into them. Perhaps if there’s one weak link in your group that fails to stop spending money, they then have to shout a drink for every other group member that successfully managed not to spend a thing. Or maybe the person that successfully completes the most dollar-free days in the fortnight is treated to a home cooked meal by all of the other group members. Whatever the reward is, make sure it’s something that is going to encourage you all to actually commit yourselves. You want the reward to be something that is going to motivate you to keep walking past the bakery as the waft of fresh croissants lingers in the air, something that is going to motivate you not to click on the banner advertising the latest 50% off sale on ASOS, and something that is going to motivate you to walk the six blocks to the gym instead of ordering an Uber.

To watch more videos of my hilarious mates attempting the #dollarfreeday challenge, check it out on my Instagram story highlights.

Overall though, the #dollarfreeday was a success!

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