9 Things To Do During Self-Isolation That Won’t Cost You a Bloody Fortune

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I’ve got to admit, I’m a pretty big fan of staying home. Yesterday I woke up late, had coffee in bed, stayed in my PJs all day and cooked some damn delicious nachos for my roommates to eat while we had a Miss Congeniality movie night. Although a bloody great day, I have to admit that my productivity levels were not very high.

I started thinking about what the hell I can do with all of this time I now have on my hands and I decided that I should probably be doing something at least semi-productive. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the lazy days. The only problem with them is that I’m one of those people that has way too much energy. One day of laziness is pretty much all I can handle before I start to go stir-crazy. So, I browsed the web for free & cheap things to do at home during social isolation and seriously just look at some of this awesome stuff that you can do whilst stuck at home:

1. Sign up for Skill Share (FREE for the first 2 months)

Alright I don’t know how I didn’t know about this site earlier because it is blowing my mind right now. The site is full of short online courses that teach you skills that you didn’t even realise you were missing from your life. Seriously, there is a course called Happy Houseplants: Caring For Your Plants and I am signing myself up for this ASAP. I mean, I probably should have signed up to the course before I nearly killed a bunch of my old roommates’ plants (sorry, Ez!) but that is besides the point. Other courses that I’m keeping my eye on include:

Don’t let my obsession with food and drink fool you, there are also heaps of classes related to business, animation, photography and so much more. Check it out.

2. Enrol in a Short Online Fee-Free* Course Through TAFE NSW

These TAFE-NSW courses are free for Australian citizens and residents who live or work in NSW. You also have to be over 17 and have left school. The courses include:

The Fee-Free* online courses currently being offered by TAFE NSW.

I just signed up for one of the courses that falls under ‘Enhance Your Digital Impact’ and I hope you’re all prepared to see my digital impact be enhanced dramatically!!

Open University also has a bunch of courses available for free including courses in the following areas:

Open University has a range of free courses available.

The Good University Guide also suggests a range of free online University courses here. Some of the fields available to study include:

  • Agriculture
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Psychology

So, if you’ve been thinking about studying something new for a while, now could be the perfect opportunity for you to do it!

3. Set Yourself Up With a Personalised Workout Plan on the Nike Training App (FREE)

There are so many workout apps offering free specials at the moment and it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you. if you’re one of those people that always forgets to cancel free trial subscriptions, then the Nike Training App is the one for you. The app is always 100% free which means you don’t even have to bother setting a reminder for yourself to cancel the subscription after a month – score. The app has a bunch of cool workouts like the 40 minute energy flow yoga class and the quick 15 minute basic burner, but my favourite part of the app is the flexible personalised training plans that you can create. You choose if you want your plan to be for 4 or 6 weeks, how many workouts you want to do per week, whether or not you want to include running (that’s a no from me) and what your workout goals are. I definitely recommending trying this app out during your time in ISO.

Getting around those FREE workouts to get our gains.

4. Sign Up For an Online Class Through Scoopon

This site always has awesome discounts on products and services around Australia, but they’ve recently added a bunch of cheap online classes too. Seriously you can take an online paella and sangria cooking class in your very own lounge room for $19 and then not have to worry about how the hell you are going to find your way home after downing all of the sangria you’ve just made. Some of the other classes that are currently on offer are:

To see all of the online courses that this website has deals on, click here.

This is NOT a paella I cooked during an online cooking class. I repeat – NOT a homemade paella. This is, in fact, a paella I had in Spain in 2016. Writing this post made me super hungry for paella and super nostalgic about the time we were actually allowed to leave our homes so it just felt fitting to include in the post. Apologies if it’s made you hungry.

5. Compete in a Virtual Ultimate Pub Quiz (FREE)

Every Thursday and Saturday night, QuizzaMe Australia hosts a live virtual quiz night that you and your mates can compete in over a few virtual beers. Their Facebook page keeps you up to date with theme info, as well as giving you information on how to download your at-home scorecard and shows you how to set up for the livestream. The quiz starts at 8pm AEST on Thursdays and 830pm AEST on Saturdays. Not only is the quiz night free, but you also have the chance to win $50. Get around it.

Shoutout to one of my roomies for sneakily printing the quiz night scorecards for free at work (you stingy bitch) so we could get around the quiz night last Thursday night.
6. Join the WFH Challenge on the FitOn App (FREE)

I have to admit that, every time someone tells me that a workout app is 100% free, I am super skeptical. I don’t want to waste my time watching some half-assed garage workout that isn’t going to get my booty burning at all. The FitOn App has completely revolutionised my feelings around completely free workout apps though. Seriously, it is the best one I have ever seen. Not only has this app given me a personalised workout plan that really makes my booty burn, but it has also given me a personalised meal plan for free (OK the actual recipes are not included in the meal plan on the free version but it tells you what meals you should be eating). Below are some of my free personalised workouts and meals suggested by the app. Check it out for yourself here.

7. Take an Online Cooking Class with Maggie Beer (FREE)

Maggie Beer has got to be coolest 75-year-old out there (behind my Nan, obvs). She has just started live-streaming cooking classes from her home in the Barossa Valley on Instagram and Facebook so that we can all cook along with her at home. Just the other day she posted a video of her cooking a pumpkin and oat risotto and I died at, not only how cute she is, but also at how easy she makes her recipes look. She has also posted videos cooking meals such as chicken brodo, chicken and tomatoes, and caramelised onions with Persian feta. Follow her to keep up to date with her home cooking classes and I’m sure all of the people you live with will thank you.

8. Check in With Yourself Using the Smiling Mind App (FREE)

The Coronavirus crisis is messing with everyone in ways that no-one would have guessed six months ago. There has never been a more important time to check in with yourself and focus on your mental health, and the Smiling Mind app allows you to do that for free. Thrive Inside is a Smiling Mind initiative focussed on helping all of us look after our mental health during this difficult time. The Thrive Inside program has a range of resources to try and help everyone including:

  • Mindful baking recipes
  • Mindful colouring in
  • SOS meditations for overwhelming moments
  • Digital detox meditations
  • Tips on keeping mentally healthy when working from home
  • A workplace program to help employers support their employees

Find out more about how the Smiling Mind app can help you here. If you want to check out some other ways to work on your mental health during this stressful time, check out my post on ways you can practice mindfulness for free.

9. Donate Blood (FREE)

So, I know that this technically doesn’t involve you self-isolating, but donating blood is definitely still an essential reason for you to leave your house. Just because the world’s attention has been captivated by COVID-19, it doesn’t mean that other people no longer require blood donations. Not only is it a free, essential reason for you to escape your house for a little bit, it’ll also make you feel damn good inside too. The Red Cross donor centres are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the centres are safe, and with the cold and flu season fast approaching, it’s a really important time for healthy people to be giving blood. The Red Cross website is always posting regular Coronavirus updates and the site also has a page specifically dedicated to providing all donors with the latest public health information. So, if you’re starting to feel a little stir-crazy just like me, get out of your house to go and save some lives!

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