Why You Need to Act Your Wage

(Not-So) Fun Fact:

I DO NOT make much money.

Fun Fact:

I never let that stop me from splurging on a ridiculously over-priced, cheeky cocktail.

Cheeky cocktail #1

I’m not worried about my small income, and that’s because I know how to budget my money according to how much I earn. Some weeks I make more because I’m able to pick up an additional weekend shift, and some weeks I make less because a worldwide pandemic has started and my shifts have been cut (not salty about it though, I swear).

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re straight out of school making minimum wage at your local fast food restaurant, or if you’ve just been made redundant and you’re currently applying for Job Seeker payments or if you’re making over 200k a year. Despite our different incomes, every single one of us here has something in common, and that is that we all have the goal to save money.

This blog isn’t designed for people within a certain tax bracket. It’s designed for people just like you; twenty-somethings that are trying to save money no matter what their income level. One thing that every one of you needs to be able to commit to if you are going to be successful at saving your hard-earned cash is that you need to act your wage.

I want to tell you a personal story about how the hell I figured out what it meant to act my wage so boil the kettle, pour yourself a cup of tea and get as comfy as these two:

When I first got a full-time job outside of the hospitality industry, I was bloody stoked. I was no longer going to be forced to listen to customers complain that their tea was not hot enough despite me scorching myself on the boiling water, and I would no longer have to endure another customer chuckling to themselves as they told me that they were “sweet enough” in response to me asking if they wanted sugar in their coffee. Not only that, but I’d be earning more money than I ever had before, and so I’d be able to save more money, right? … right? Well, on my first week at my first full-time job, a Doctor nearly laughed me out of his office when I told him that I was going to be able to become a millionaire a lot faster now that I had officially made it as an adult with a full-time career. When he finally managed to catch his breath after laughing for what seemed like an eternity, he said something to me that has stuck with me ever since. He told me that it is human nature to spend more money if you earn more money. Basically, the more we earn, the more we want to treat ourselves. As much as I hate to admit it, this really did ring true for me. A new job for me meant that I could treat myself to a nicer apartment, take myself out to eat at nicer restaurants, and book nicer hotels on my weekend getaways. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not saying that treating yourself is a bad thing. I just think it’s interesting to note that I’m probably saving the same amount of money now as I was when I was living on the basic youth allowance payments and the occasional hospitality shift.

This is acting your wage.

Cheeky cocktail #2

It is totally fine for you to be spending more if you earn more, but for real, stop spending MORE money than you earn.

If you earn $500 a week, don’t spend more than $500 that week.
If you earn $1000 a week, don’t spend more than $1000 that week.
If you earn $1500 a week, don’t spend more than $1500 that week.

Act your bloody wage.

Simple, right?

Not so simple when you have a credit card screaming out for you to tap it when you’ve just offered to shout 25 of your closest friends a round of tequila shots. Not so simple when your After Pay account is whispering in your ear for you to buy that new jumpsuit you’ve just seen advertised on ASOS for 30% off. The main problem with credit cards and pay later companies is that they give you this huge opportunity to spend more money than you actually earn and this is NOT acting your wage.

I’m going to be real with you here. It doesn’t matter how great you think your credit card and pay later accounts are because, if you’re reading this blog to save money, you’re obviously doing something wrong. I can guarantee that the thing you’re doing wrong is that you have a credit card and/or you’re subscribed to pay later services. I know these companies make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you use them to order food on a cold and rainy night, but they are killing your savings dreams.

So, what’s the take-away lesson from all of this. Cut up those credit cards, cancel those After Pay and start acting your goddamn wage, baby.

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