Are Meal Delivery Services Worth Your Money?

There are a lot of really pressing issues facing twenty-somethings right now. Climate change. Job security. Washing your hands. Knowing what the hell to make yourself for dinner every night. Yeah, you read that correctly. It might not be AS important as the other challenges we face, but knowing what to make for dinner every single night is a challenge we twenty-somethings battle with every bloody day. Some of us are fortunate enough to still be living at home and getting those home-cooked meals served to us by our parents at exactly 7pm every night. Some of us are struggling to serve baked beans on toast to our Tinder dates without cutting our hand when opening the tin and burning the toast. Some of us are constantly showing off to our roommates by whipping up gourmet vegan feasts, and then there are those of us that are spending our hard-earned money on having meals conveniently delivered straight to our doors.

*PSA* Keeping it all open and honest, macros sent me my box for free. I spent $0 of my own dollars on these meals but that does not mean our reviews aren’t honest. Everything I wrote in this post is my 100% honest opinion and my affiliation with the company did not change my opinions at all.

So many of my twenty-something friends have started using meal delivery services lately, and that made me really curious as to why these meal delivery services have become so popular.

  • Is it because the meals taste so much better than anything we could cook ourselves?
  • Is it because it means we can avoid having awkward run-ins with our old high school friends in the middle of supermarket aisles?
  • Is it because our generation has just become too lazy to buy quality supermarket ingredients?
  • Or is it because the meals are just so damn cheap?

So, I let this curiousity get the best of me and I decided to taste out a Macros box. By offering to supply my housemates with free meals, I convinced them to rate a bunch of meals from Macros based on four different categories: taste, convenience, quality and value for money.

Looking at it from the perspective of The Stingy Bitch, I wanted to know just how budget-friendly some of these meals really were. Not only that though, I also wanted to know if paying a little bit more for these meals is worth it when it comes to having higher quality, tastier and more convenient meals. After all, as twenty-somethings, we always want to make sure that we are still living our best lives.

Meal Plan:

Plant-Based Sculpt 10 Meals Per Week



Overall average score for VALUE = 7.5

Liv (7): Look, when I compare these meals to the price of meals that I make for myself at home, I do have to rate them down for value. $9.95 per meal seems pretty steep to me BUT that’s because I can go three nights a week just eating scrambled eggs on toast. I am in no way fancy about what I eat for dinner at home, and so paying $9.95 a meal is something that I would never usually do. On the other hand, when I consider the fact that I don’t have to calculate the macronutrients myself, and subsequently worry that I’m not getting enough protein to support my gains, then I can see how $9.95 per meal could actually be considered pretty valuable.

Nic (7): Value for convenience but not for taste. I would prefer to pay more for something that tastes a bit better.

Fran (7): For me, $9.95 is pretty pricey for the serving size. When I think about the nutrition value though, I do think it is pretty good value for money but I could probably make the meals myself for cheaper and have leftovers for my lunches.

Liz (9): I think the value of these meals should be based on a couple of factors: taste, quality and portion etc. I think the main value of these meals lies in the fact that they don’t use any nasty ingredients, the sculpt meals are portion sized accurately for weight loss and in my opinion it all tastes delicious, so I think Macros is very good value. The size of the meal itself is quite small and so some people might find it a touch expensive in that aspect but in terms of taste and quality I think it is really valuable.

Overall average score for QUALITY = 8

Liv (8): Being a vegetarian, it’s really important to me that I eat meals packed with protein and iron. I especially like to eat a lot of protein after I work-out to make sure that my muscles can get enough nutrients to recover. I really rate the quality of these meals highly because, not only am I getting ample protein, but the meals are full of nutritious ingredients and there doesn’t seem to be anything nasty hiding inside. The only thing for me with food quality is that it didn’t leave me feeling full. I ate my meals after working out and I just didn’t feel like the meals were big enough to satisfy my hunger.

Nic (7): I thought some of the meals were of higher quality than others. I really liked the quality of the tofu curry because it tasted really fresh e.g. the green beans were crunchy and the rice was separated from the sauce which meant it didn’t get too gluggy. I like that the meals mention the macros but I don’t like that the meals don’t mention other things such as salt content.

Fran (8): I loved that the meals were stacked full of veggies and that I can tell that I’m getting all of the nutrients that my body needs. The veggies were all really fresh too which made it seem as if I wasn’t eating a microwave meal which I liked.

Liz (10): I’ve previously used other meal delivery services and in no way did they compare to the quality of these Macros meals. All of the vegetables were so fresh, especially in the fibre plate. There are no nasty ingredients, no additives and no MSG in any of the meals. I also really love that they use liquid smoke to give the meals flavour.

Overall average score for TASTE = 7

Liv (8): I was super worried that, because these meals were pre-packaged, they might taste kind of shit, but I’ve been pretty surprised at how great they all taste, especially the pad thai. It doesn’t taste like I’m eating something straight of the Woollies freezer which is a win in my eyes.

Nic (4): Look, I’m not a huge fan of vegetarian meals so that did have a massive impact on my score. I did really enjoy the taste of the tofu curry but I really didn’t like the taste of some of the other meals like the supercharged scramble because it was too salty for me.

Fran (7): I really enjoyed the flavours that a lot of the meals had. The tastiest meal that I had was definitely the Thai tofu curry, although it did have too many beans.

Liz (9): I think this ties in nicely with what I said about quality. All of the meals were really tasty. The supercharged scramble was a touch on the salty side, but I’m a huge fan of salt so I still liked it. Considering how healthy the meals are, I really do think the taste is really good.

Overall average score for CONVENIENCE = 10

Liv (10): Honestly, I cannot fault the convenience of these meals. The meals arrived early morning, were well packaged and pretty much ready to go. They only need about 2 minutes in the microwave before they are ready to eat so it was perfect for my post-workout meals.

Nic (10): That is an easy 10/10. The only thing that concerns me about the convenience of it all is that there is a lot of plastic being used to make it so convenient which is obviously very bad for the environment.

Fran (10): Honestly, microwave meals kind of freak me out but it is extremely convenient that the meals take 2 minutes in the microwave and then they are ready. Can’t complain about the convenience of that.

Liz (10): I couldn’t think of a way to make it more convenient. They are microwavable meals, they take 2 minutes to heat up and they are all really delicious. For someone that works hard for long hours, they really are the perfect meals. The only thing that would be comparable in terms of convenience would be Uber Eats, in which case you’re spending roughly $7 – $8 on delivery anyway.

Honest Verdict

When it comes down to it, is it really worth paying a bit more for a tasty, high-quality and convenient Macros meal? Honestly, I think that really comes down to what your main priority is.

Macros meals are portion-controlled meals packed full of nutrients. The meals stipulate the exact amount of carbs, protein and fat per serving which makes it ideal for anyone trying to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle mass. If your main priority is to focus on nutrition for whatever reason, then I can say that the cost of Macros really is worth it. $99.95 a week for 10 meals is pretty decent when you consider that hitting your fitness/nutrition goals is definitely something that is going to help you live your best and healthiest life.

This Thai Tofu Low Carb Curry has 15g of protein, 32g of carbs and 22g of fat.

The meals are super convenient, and they eliminate all the fuss of worrying about what to make, going shopping, meal-prepping, cooking and doing the dishes. So, if you’re short on time for some reason and convenience is your main priority, then the meals are definitely worth it.

If your main priority is saving money, you really need to think about what you are currently spending a week on groceries/meals in order to determine if Macros meals are going to save you money. I know that I spend approximately $70 – $100 a week at the grocery store and that includes all of my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. I’m only successful at spending this little because I know that I hate food wastage enough to ensure that I am always going to eat all of the food that I buy. If, however, you’re one on those people that spends way too much money at the grocery store buying way too much food and then lets a lot of that food go to waste, then these Macros meals can really help you. Not only can they help you save money by preventing you from OVER-BUYING food at the store, but they can also help to reduce the amount of food waste that you are producing.

Check out Macros meal plans to see if you think the meal plans are right for you and your budget.


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