5 Ways To Stop Letting FOMO Rule Your Money

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a standard (pre – rona) Friday night for a twenty-something looks a little like this:

You’re bloody drained from working 8 hours (seriously, who came up with this 40 hours of work a week BS?!) and all you want to do is binge watch Netflix on the couch and down a bottle of red to forget about the long week you’ve just had.

Your mate calls and tells you that “you’ve gotta live your best life now while you’re young, so you better meet everyone at the pub in an hour.”

You check your bank account only to see that you have $100 left in your SPENDINGS account to last until pay day next week.

You really cannot be bothered going but you know you’ll have mad FOMO if you don’t go, so you get out of your comfy AF sweatpants, find a half decent outfit to throw on and order an Uber.

After a few pints at the pub, the rest of the night becomes a bit of a blur. Fortunately, you can pinpoint your exact movements thanks to your credit card transactions from the night

Just your standard twenty-something (pre-Rona) Friday night bank transactions.


How many times have you said yes to going on a night out like this even though all you wanted to do was stay in and nurse your bottle of red? How many times have you gone out for brunch with those work colleagues you can’t stand because you don’t want to miss out on any gossip about Sue from accounts? How many times have you agreed to attend your cousin’s best friend’s neighbour’s daughter’s first birthday party because you just feel like it would be rude not to make an appearance?

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

We have got to stop letting FOMO rule our lives because FOMO is also ruling our bank accounts. Every time we give into that fear of missing out, we end up spending a bunch of money on shit we don’t need (which is one of the 5 money mistakes you should avoid in your twenties). If you want to stop letting FOMO rule your money, follow these 5 steps:

1. Stop Being a People Pleaser

It took me twenty-five goddamn years to realise that I can say no to people. I can say no to calling you back because I’m too tired right now. I can say no to attending that expensive cocktail making class because I can’t really afford it. I can say no to attending that sporting event because I’m really not that interested. I can say no to anything just because I want to.

It isn’t selfish or mean to put yourself, and your bank account, first sometimes. You’ve gotta do what is right for you, and to know what that is, you’ve gotta listen to your gut. Don’t go and blow $250 at the club even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t go and splurge on a manicure just because your friends are going, and don’t go and drop $40 on avocado toast at a brunch just to hear what the hell Sue has been up to at work.

2. Make Alternative Arrangements

Desperate to see your old mate Lucy but can’t afford to catch up with her for dinner and cocktails right now? No worries. Be honest about it and come up with cheaper (or free) alternative thing to do together. If Lucy is a true mate, she is not going to care that you’re catching up for a walk around the Bay Run rather than meeting in a bougie bar at The Rocks.

The more open and honest you are with people about your financial situation, the more likely they are to understand where you’re coming from and accommodate your situation. Besides, you never know, your old mate Lucy might be desperate to save money by going for a walk but has been too scared to tell you that she’s only going to the bougie bar because of her FOMO too.

3. Love Your Own Company

Learning to love your own company has always been something that I’ve been a huge advocate for, but it wasn’t until I went travelling by myself for a year that I realised just how important it really is. In the twelve months that I spent abroad by myself I missed (just to name a few):

  • Countless 21st birthday parties
  • Nan’s 70th birthday
  • Interstate mates holidaying in Perth
  • Numerous family catch-ups
  • The death of my fave dog (see pic)

As hard as it was seeing constant Facebook posts, Instagram stories and Snapchats from back home, it taught me a valuable lesson: you’ve gotta love yourself first. Despite all the things that I missed, I wouldn’t change a bloody thing. I didn’t let my FOMO stop me from enjoying my own company.

So, if all your mates have booked a spontaneous weekend to the snow but you’ve opted out because you’re saving your money for a house, good for you. Put your feet up, love yourself and enjoy your ‘me time.’

4. Digi Detox

There is nothing worse than deciding to stay in to save money and then being bombarded with constant notifications from mates sending you videos of them drunkenly slurring that they “wish you were here.”

If you stay in to save money when all of your friends go out, TURN OFF YOUR PHONE.

Social media is THE worst thing for your FOMO, so allow yourself to disconnect from the outside world so that you’re not tempted to give in to your fear.

5. Set Limits

Sometimes, giving in to your FOMO is going to happen no matter how hard you try to beat it. Trust me, it can be hard to say no to meeting your friends at the pub after a long week of work. It can be hard to say no to ordering pizza with all of your housemates even though you have perfectly good food in the fridge. It can be hard to say no to an expensive cocktail making class when your best friend has decided that is what she wants to do for her hens party. If you do give in to your FOMO, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it.

What you can do though is be responsible about how much money you are going to let your FOMO trick you into spending. Set yourself a limit before the event, and hide the rest of your money away so that you’re not tempted to go overboard.

  • Drinks with friends at the pub? Bring $100 cash and leave your credit card at home.
  • Brunch with those work colleagues you can’t stand? Drink a coffee at home before you go, order the avocado toast and skip paying for your almond milk, double shot half topped up latte.
  • Ordering pizza with your housemates? Split a pizza with your mate instead of ordering a full one for yourself.
  • Attending your cousin’s best friend’s neighbour’s daughter’s first birthday party? Get a grip. Nobody is going to care if you bail on that one mate.



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