The Most Important Investment For All Twenty-Somethings

The other day I was watching my friend prepare pastry from scratch for a lemon meringue pie she was about to bake, when she turned to me and told me that she’d taken all of the money out of her superannuation account.

I was fully aware that this girl was currently rolling out pastry for a dessert that I very much wanted to enjoy, and so I really didn’t want to piss her off too much before I got to eat it. Honestly though, even that couldn’t stop me from screaming at her:

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Why the hell did you do that?!”

People are always talking about how ‘bad‘ it is for young people to take the money out of their superannuation accounts and, honestly, I’ve always agreed with them. Taking your money out of your super means that you’re missing out on that money compounding exponentially until it’s worth enough for you to retire comfortably (fingers crossed that’s sooner rather than later, am I right?!). Honestly though, the answer that my friend gave me blew everything that I had previously thought out of the water. She said:

“Because mate, I’m going to use that money to pay for my overseas tuition. If I don’t invest that money into my education now, I might never finish my degree. If I don’t finish my degree, I might never get my dream job and that is WAY more important to me than having a bunch of money in my superannuation account in fifty years.”

Just like that, my mind was frickin’ blown. In the time it took my mate to finish making one sheet of pastry, she reminded me of a powerful financial lesson that a lot of us twenty-somethings are quick to dismiss. She reminded me of the importance of investing in yourself.

What Does It Mean To “Invest In Yourself?”

As I ate the aforementioned lemon meringue pie (which was damn delicious by the way), I contemplated what it actually meant to ‘invest in yourself‘. Does this just mean investing all of your superannuation money into a degree in the hope that you might score your dream job out of it? Or does it mean believing in yourself enough to actually take that risk? To take any risk that forces you out of your comfort zone in an attempt to better yourself somehow?

That, my friends, is exactly what it means.

Investing in yourself means dedicating something valuable like your money, your time, or your energy into something that is important to you and has the potential to give you a high return on investment. A what? A high return on investment simply means an investment that returns you with something even more valuable in the future. Take, for example, my friend that I talked about before. She is betting that she is going to get a greater return on investment from investing money into her own education now than she would if she kept that money invested in her superannuation account.

A high return on investment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to make a shit tonne of money from every investment in yourself either. Nah, sometimes investing in yourself returns you with something even better than money; life experience. I spent most of the money I made in my early-twenties on travelling and living overseas and, personally, I consider that to be an investment in myself. Why? Because the life experiences that I had, and the people that I met, made me the person that I am today and that is a higher return on investment than I could have got if I’d spent that money anywhere else.

Every successful person that you look up to has put in the time, effort and money, to invest in themselves and NOW is the time for you to take risks and do it too. If it all fails, who bloody cares. You’re young enough to learn from your mistakes and still have time to figure out what the hell you’re going to do next.

So take that painting class. Read the book you’ve been putting off for ages. Learn a new language. Sign up for that online course. Start a blog. Record a podcast. Quit your shitty job. Start your own business. Sell your art. Take a gap-year to learn the drums. Ask for a pay rise. Apply for a job on an overseas yacht. Move cities. Move countries. Play some gigs. Put yourself out there and just do it.

I’m not condoning taking all of your money out of your superannuation, but I am urging you to invest in yourself. Fuck the haters. Fuck the people that doubt you. Push yourself to achieve something you’re proud of, even if that means investing some of your money or spending less time binge watching Netflix. The only person that is going to regret not betting on yourself is you.

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