| Tash | A 23-Year Old With A Net Worth of $141K

There’s something seriously awe-inspiring about a twenty-something having an astronomical net worth of $141k. It almost doesn’t sound real. For Tash (aka @tashinvests) though, it is very much real.

How could someone in their early twenties have already accumulated such a significant net worth? Well, it’s pretty bloody obvious from Tash’s IG account that you can put her net worth down to one thing: hard work. Tash is a twenty three year old occupational therapy student from Perth, Western Australia. Despite the fact that she was still studying part-time at University last year, Tash managed to earn $96k! How the hell did she do that? She worked multiple jobs, picked up over-time shifts, invested in shares and participated in focus groups/paid research.

Not only does Tash know alot about working hard and saving money, she also knows a hell of a lot about investing. Tash invested in the property market last year when she bought her first apartment, AND she is also a huge advocate for regularly investing in the share market.

Now, Tash shares her tips on investing and wealth creation with all of her Instagram and Tik Tok followers. I spent some time talking with the lovely Tash about all things investing so I could find out more about her investment journey and how others can learn from it. Check it out.

You’ve previously described yourself as being obsessed with money. Why is that?

I’m not obsessed with money. I’m obsessed with the freedom that comes with being financially secure. The freedom that allows you to quit toxic workplaces, to travel the world, to do all of the expensive activities that I love (hello diving & wake boarding!!) & to make life choices based on what I want to do… not on what I need to do to survive. I invest my money now so that one day I can be financially free enough to make all of this a reality!

At what age did you start investing your money?

I bought my first shares ($1000 of IVV) when I was 18. I didn’t really understand investing then though and only properly started regularly investing last year.

What inspired you to start investing?

Lots of research, I guess! I was inspired by my parents because they have always been really good with money and own investment properties. I also read lots of books and listened to heaps of podcasts. Listening to the She’s On The Money podcast last year was the motivation I needed to start investing regularly.

What was the most challenging part of starting to invest?

Deciding what to actually invest in. We all know that investing is ‘good,’ but it’s initially so hard to know what shares to buy and where to buy them. Analysis paralysis is REAL! There’s so many ETFs, brokers and different ways to invest, and it can be seriously overwhelming.

What was the easiest part?

For me, it was saving the money to actually invest. I’ve always been good at saving so that was easy for me.

How do you know where to invest your money?

Research, research and more research. I listened to podcasts, read books, and followed other investing/finance Instagram accounts. I also spend alot of time reading through ETF provider websites (Vanguard, Ishares, VanEck, Betashares). I now buy index funds/ETFs. Sometimes, I’m still unsure of where to invest and so I see a financial advisor to get feedback and validate my investing plans.

What platform/s do you use to invest?

I use Commsec and Commsec Pocket for the majority of my ETF purchases. I just started using Vanguard Personal Investor as a way of buying Vanguard ETFs brokerage free. I still use Spaceship and Raiz too but for more fun, smaller amounts.

Do you watch the trends in the share market and invest at particular times?

No. I usually just invest whenever I get paid and have weekly automatic investments set up on Raiz and Spaceship. I might invest a little more if there is a dip but I don’t actively wait for one.

Do you have any book/podcast/IG account recommendations for other twenty-somethings looking to learn more about investing?

Yes! She’s On The Money and My Millennial Money have some great basic investing podcast episodes. Equity Mates is an investing podcast and they have a Get Started series as well.

I loved reading Mindful Money by Canna Campbell and @mywealthdiary and @personalfinance club were the first finance Instagram accounts I followed. They’re based in the US but both are huge advocates for index investing which is what I do.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to start investing, what would it be?

Just start. I spent so long researching before I started. If investing is aligned to your values and goals, then just start small with a micro investing platform. Investing smalls amounts is the best way to learn how the markets fluctuate and what your risk tolerance is. Or go and see a financial advisor.

What are your investment goals for the future?

I’m striving for financial freedom. My long-term goal is to build a $1,000,000 share portfolio of mostly index funds. This will give me around 40k/year in dividends to live off and the freedom to do whatever I want and work whichever jobs add value to my life and bring me joy.

If you want to follow along with Tash’s investment journey, you can find her IG page here.

If you want to know more about investing in ETFs/index funds, check out my post WTF is an ETF?

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