| Tash | A 23-Year Old With A Net Worth of $141K

There’s something seriously awe-inspiring about a twenty-something having an astronomical net worth of $141k. It almost doesn’t sound real. For Tash (aka @tashinvests) though, it is very much real. How could someone in their early twenties have already accumulated such a significant net worth? Well, it’s pretty bloody obvious from Tash’s IG account that youContinue reading “| Tash | A 23-Year Old With A Net Worth of $141K”

| Rochelle | Paid Off $14k Worth Of Debt In 6 Months

The first time I came across Rochelle’s very aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed (@thezerodebtmillennial), I remember thinking to myself just how damn impressive her financial journey was. Seriously, this girl managed to pay off $14k worth of debt in six months. I also remember thinking to myself ‘who is this girl and what the hell is herContinue reading “| Rochelle | Paid Off $14k Worth Of Debt In 6 Months”

| Fran | Saved $10k in 12 Months

Over my first few blog posts, I have talked a lot about who I am and how my money saving plan is going to help you get in control of your financial situation. What you haven’t heard though is someone else actually backing up my bold claims. So, I lured my best mate, Fran, inContinue reading “| Fran | Saved $10k in 12 Months”