HELP! I’ve Lost Money On The Share Market… WTF Do I Do Now?

There’s no greater feeling than seeing the value of your shares rise. Seriously, while you’ve been sitting on your ass binge watching Firefly Lane & eating a bag of Doritos, your money has grown. How fkin cool is that?! You know what’s not so cool though? Checking your shares to find out that they’ve crashed…Continue reading “HELP! I’ve Lost Money On The Share Market… WTF Do I Do Now?”

How To Buy Shares In 5 Easy Steps

When I started working my first full-time 9-5 job, I remember thinking to myself “goddamn there must be an easier way to make money than dragging my sorry ass to work every single morning.” Don’t get me wrong, not alllll work is bad. I just personally don’t want to do it for the rest ofContinue reading “How To Buy Shares In 5 Easy Steps”

Why You Should Be Making Extra Super Contributions And How To Start

Ahhh, superannuation. I’m sick and tired of talking about it to be honest BUT I feel like if I didn’t finish my super series off by telling you guys why and how to make extra super contributions, then I really wouldn’t be doing my job as a self-appointed personal finance blogger properly. If you’re readingContinue reading “Why You Should Be Making Extra Super Contributions And How To Start”

How To Invest Your Super Ethically

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve dived head first into the incredibly daunting topic that is superannuation. The only reason that I haven’t already drowned in the deep waters of super information yet is that I’ve been breaking super topics down into smaller posts so that we can actually wrap our heads around it.Continue reading “How To Invest Your Super Ethically”

Which Super Fund Should You Choose?

Welcome back to my SUPER SERIES; a series of blog posts in which I fill you in on everything super related that I’ve learnt over the past week. If you missed my previous post “What is Super and Why Should You Care?” let me explain why I’m writing these posts dedicated to the boring topicContinue reading “Which Super Fund Should You Choose?”

What Is Super And Why Should You Even Care?

Superannuation. You’ve heard of it, you have it, but what do you really know about it? For twenty-somethings, the benefits of super are really bloody hard to understand. I mean, why the hell should we care about money that we are supposedly going to get when we’re old, when we could be spending that moneyContinue reading “What Is Super And Why Should You Even Care?”

The Most Important Investment For All Twenty-Somethings

The other day I was watching my friend prepare pastry from scratch for a lemon meringue pie she was about to bake, when she turned to me and told me that she’d taken all of the money out of her superannuation account. I was fully aware that this girl was currently rolling out pastry forContinue reading “The Most Important Investment For All Twenty-Somethings”

Should You Rent Or Should You Buy?

Ahhh, the age old question that every millennial faces at some point in their young adult lives. Should I keep paying an extortionate amount of rent each week to live in a hipster neighbourhood right in the heart of the CBD, or should I buy a developed house in the middle of a ‘lifestyle estate’Continue reading “Should You Rent Or Should You Buy?”

Should You Invest Your Money?

The other day my mate received a very decent redundancy payout from her workplace thanks to COVID-19. After realising that this was the largest number she had ever seen sitting in her very own bank account, she turned to me and asked me what the hell she should do with all of it. Should sheContinue reading “Should You Invest Your Money?”