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In performing their activities, the Contractor and Subcontractor must comply with the national and international environmental protection laws and the technical security norms, and apply the international recommended practice for each case. Accounts reflecting operations up to the Fiscalization Point shall be set apart from those reflecting operations beyond the Fiscalization Point.

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Project or any part thereof, and to keep the Project constantly insured or the extent provided for therein, all at the sole expense of the Tenant. The Central Falls City Council voted unanimously to repeal the youth curfew Monday. Owner of any Bond, shall be conclusive and binding upon all future Owners of the same Bond and upon Bonds issued in exchange therefor or upon transfer or in substitution thereof.

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It will not be necessary to specify the matter to be discussed nor the purpose of the entire meeting in the written waiver to the right to receive notice. They need the time to do more research projects to find out more about the virus. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Board d may.

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Needham Animal Control has been working with the Medfield Animal Shelter to trap Feral Cats around Needham, spay and neuter them so that they may not reproduce, and returns them to the colony from which they came. Bonds shall cease to be such officer before the delivery of such Bonds, such signature or facsimile thereof shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes, the same as if such person had remained in office until delivery.

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Service Provider shall take such action with respect to this Agreement as may be required to ensure full compliance with local, State and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment. STATE OF COLORADO, DEPARTMENT OF STATE, CERTIFICATE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STATE OF COLORADO.

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ITEMS FROM THE AUDIENCE provides an opportunity for members of the public to address the Council on any subject which is notof a quasijudicial nature or scheduled for a public hearing. Last month, Northam signed a package of bills aimed at reducing evictions by giving tenants more time to pay rent and fees ahead of an eviction notice and limiting the number of legal actions a landlord may file.

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Project, or materially impair the value of the Projectand will not destroy or materially impair the means of ingress thereto and egress therefrom. Under no circumstance may the Contractor release Natural Gas into the atmosphere. President of the Republic the Minutes of the Concession Contract for Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation to be signed with INFINITY ENERGY RESOURCES, INC.

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The Contractor shall provide copies of all insurance policies to the MEM. Seal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Sun Journal newspaper reports Carlson planned to buy an old town garage and transform it into a studio in Bryant Pond. Event of Default at the time notice is given and may not purchase the identifiedreal property on the specified closing date if any such event has occurred and is continuing on said date.

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The previous minutes of the board of Infinity Energy Resources Inc. MASTER LEASE AGREEMENT REHRIG FINANCIAL SERVICES MASTER LEASE AGREEMENT NO. However, certain actual quantities were lessthanestimated, resulting in offsettingsavings. The project manager foltz, or banks of park notary public trade fixtures which appears in order to environmental consultant for any existing under forespørgslen.

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Review reports the state Senate followed with a proposal of its own. What can I do to prevent this in the future? Imposition which the Tenantis required to bear, pay and discharge pursuant to the terms hereof, deliver to Trustee a photocopyor other suitable copy of the statement issued therefor duly receipted to show the payment thereof.

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The requests come after Noem said last month that she planned to permanently display the flags of the nine tribes in South Dakota in the Capitol rotunda. Metro will be conducting engagement with the communities along the corridor. Bonds which are to be redeemed prior to their respective stated maturities, proper notice of such redemption has beengiven in accordance with Article III of this Indenture or irrevocable instructions have been given to the Trustee to give such notice.

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The Issuer and the Tenantagree that the riginal roceeds shall be paid over to the Trustee for the account of the Issuer and shall be applied by the Trustee in accordance with the term and provisions of the Indenture. Bonds, or anyobligation there or here imposed upon the Issuer, or the breach thereof, shall constitute or give rise to or impose upon the Issuer a pecuniary liability or a charge upon its general credit or powers of taxation.

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Such certificate may designate an alternate or alternates, each of whom shall be entitled to perform all duties of the Authorized Issuer Representative. Provides a brief overview of the major conclusions from this traffic study. There is no need to make a separate call to a private ambulance service, thus saving valuable time form the already tight critical time parameters available for effective response.