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Who can be an elector The US Constitution only states that electors cannot be members of Congress or others who currently hold federal office.

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There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their States Some States however require electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote.

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Electoral college Wikipedia. Learn about the presidential election process including the Electoral College. Election 2020 Here's a look at the Electoral College and how.

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Article II Section 1 Constitutional Law Reporter. Although the electoral college system has delivered uncontested results in 46 out of 50 presidential elections since it assumed its present constitutional form in.

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The Electoral College Top 3 Pros and Cons ProConorg. The District of Columbia is entitled to 3 electors by virtue of the 23rd Amendment to the US Constitution In order to be elected a presidentialvice-presidential.

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What is the Electoral College Save Our States. The electoral college is a group of electors outlined and defined in the United States Constitution established for the purpose of electing the president and.

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First round of the circumstances they do not mandate. Article II Section 1 of the Constitution grants each state electors based on the number of Representatives and Senators that represent them in Congress 435.