5 Ways To Stop Letting FOMO Rule Your Money

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a standard (pre – rona) Friday night for a twenty-something looks a little like this: SPACE How many times have you said yes to going on a night out like this even though all you wanted to do was stay in and nurse your bottle of red? How manyContinue reading “5 Ways To Stop Letting FOMO Rule Your Money”

Are Meal Delivery Services Worth Your Money?

There are a lot of really pressing issues facing twenty-somethings right now. Climate change. Job security. Washing your hands. Knowing what the hell to make yourself for dinner every night. Yeah, you read that correctly. It might not be AS important as the other challenges we face, but knowing what to make for dinner everyContinue reading “Are Meal Delivery Services Worth Your Money?”

5 Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your Twenties

1. Not Having a Savings Goal I’m not sure I could be preaching the importance of having a savings goal any bloody harder. If you don’t have a goal, it is going to be downright impossible for you to have any motivation to save. Your goal can be as crazy as buying your own privateContinue reading “5 Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your Twenties”

Your Money; Your Rules

When I first started telling people that I wanted to start writing a blog about saving money I was met with a lot of judgement. People were really quick to bombard me with questions about my intentions which kind of took me aback. It honestly took me aback so much that, for a good fewContinue reading “Your Money; Your Rules”

Calling All Twenty-Somethings Wanting to Save Money Whilst Still Living Their Best Lives

Before we start any kind of reader-writer relationship here, I am going to be completely honest with you. I am not rich and I probably never will be rich. I have also never written a blog before. If you want to shut this browser down right now and return to watching cat videos on YouTubeContinue reading “Calling All Twenty-Somethings Wanting to Save Money Whilst Still Living Their Best Lives”